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Wed Planeta is an exhaustive Wedding Classifieds Portal related to all your requirements regarding wedding arrangements in Delhi NCR. An Indian Wedding comprises of many small and big events which requires due planning for their successful implementation. Team Wed Planeta has created a compilation of almost all the activities inherent in a wedding which needs a close attention. Each category is compressed with leading wedding service providers to meet your related requirements. To-be Wed Couples can fulfill their aspirations and experience the Dream World of an Indian Wedding by visiting Wed Planeta. Thus, you can make your dream wedding a hassle free, memorable and enjoyable event.

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Wedding Jewelry “Grandma’s kundan set or the fresh trends”

Bridal jewelry has a significant role to play in Indian weddings. The bride seeks unique jewelry which grabs everyone’s attention with the visual appeal of its intricate designs; something that compliments the bridal dress, her complexion, her hair and even the groom’s look. This is one wedding trend that gives the bride a whole lot of scope to explore and experiment. We have come across few gorgeous brides’ who preferred sticking to their family jewelry and made it work so well. Getting your jewelry designed according to your bridal ensemble is another ball game altogether. Accessories using kundan  & an amalgamation of gold and uncut diamonds add that quirky factor to the bridal look. The best part of being an Indian bride is that you have jewelry options from head to toe, be it the nath, necklace, bangles, kamarbandh, payal and toe rings. A little more insight to Indian jewelry might give you a chance to discover that unique accessory that will make you stand out of the crowd. There are various terms for these beautiful pieces of art in Wedding Jewelry; KADA , SARPECH, VANKI, LINGA PADAKKA MUTHU MALAI, KARANPHOOL JHUMKA, JADANAGAM, SHINKA, CHANDRAHAAR, HATHPHOOL, PAIZEB/PAYAL etc. Your wedding photographer is always looking forward to give you memorable getting ready shots and the choice of jewelry can make or break that shoot for you. Jewelry shots add that elegance to your wedding album and say it all about the bride. Photo Credit: Slice Of Life Pictures Please check out our website: Like us: Follow on... read more

Designer Cake for Big Day

A Designer Cake is normally an optional feature in a wedding event. Some people often consider having wedding cakes to add a small spark to their wedding. Cutting the wedding is very much prevalent in Christian community. However, now this trend is picking fast with other communities too. In the western culture, the cake is usually on display and served to guests at the reception. Traditionally, wedding cakes were made to bring good luck to all guests and the newlywed couple. Modernly however, they are more of a centerpiece to the wedding and are not always served to the guests. Some cakes are built with only a single edible tier for the newlywed couple to share. When it comes to selecting the Designer Wedding Cake, the bakeries in town provide a wide range of varieties and flavors to offer. The usual design of a wedding cake is having 10 circular cakes one above the other with the bigger one at the bottom and the smallest at the top. Wedding cakes have a minimum weight of 10 Kgs and the maximum weight depends upon the number of guests. As far as the flavors are concerned, one can either choose a single flavor for the whole cake or a combination of multiple flavors. Apart from selecting the usual flavors, you can also go for some customization in your wedding cake design. These customization can be done in order to have something different than the usual. Some of these ideas for such customization may be as follows: Fruits:  Small pieces of different fruits such as cherry, strawberry, pineapple, mango, kiwi, banana etc. may be... read more

Bridal Preparations

Bridal Preparations for any Indian bride is always a must as she is at the centre stage in a wedding. She is like the actress of a big multi-star movie. All eyes are focused on her. She is always considered the epitome of beauty, elegance and style. Everything about her is so charismatic that hardly anyone can resist to be fascinated by her. However, all this takes a lot of planning and preparation from her side. To attain those elegant look and persona, she is required to make a lot of planning before hand, such as selection of right attire, jewellery and apparels. She also has to initiate her personal grooming including skin and hair care. To know more about all these Bridal Preparations in detail, please take following Tips: Bridal Sarees A Saree is the most traditional Indian attire for women. It forms an integral part of the bridal wardrobe. Though this attire has been worn by the women of the country since ages, it still maintains its grace and charm. Saree is worn by women across the whole country encompassing all castes and religions. Bridal Lehenga Other than saree, next preferred attire is lehenga amongst Indian brides. It is quite an elaborate dress and was initially worn in Rajasthani and Gujarati weddings of India. Now Lehenga is one of the most sought after dress for a bride and is a must outfit atleast for a couple of wedding events. Bridal Jewellery An Indian bride is incomplete without her jewellery which forms an essential part of overall adornments. On the main wedding day, every bride is expected to look her best... read more

Tips for Better Hair Care

In the present era, our lifestyle has gone a sea change vis-a-vis earlier days. We now live in all round pollution, eat fruits/veggies grown with chemical based fertilisers and change in our eating habits.  The air we breathe is not clear and free of pollution. All this goes not only against our well being but also affects our hair strength a lot. Many people now are going bald due to these reasons. Even greying of hair is now a very common phenomenon and therefore we must deal with this menace carefully. So, it is very important to ensure Better Hair Care as part of your overall personality. People spend lot of time just looking at their hair, touching it, combing it. Even using the best shampoo and conditioner. Washing, blow-drying, and styling it. Colouring it too frequently. Curling or straightening it as well. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean our hair is healthy. People often don’t have a good hair routine and in the process losing hair-both in quality and quantity. Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts to carry on your Hair Care regimen: Do’s:  First of all, take care of your overall health. Hair is a growing tissue having direct relation with our physical well-being. A balanced diet full of vitamins, minerals, proteins and nutrition’s is a must for general well being.  Avoid stress and thyroid problem, as these could also cause harm to your hair. Always use quality styling products, try to go organic and homemade remedies instead of excess use of chemical infested lotions and shampoos. Oil your hair twice a week. Coconut oil is one of the... read more

Walking – the Simplest Fitness Mantra

Every person, would-be-bride or groom wishes to be a fit person especially well before marriage. Sometimes, they wish to attain fitness miraculously in a few days only and they start doing rounds of Gyms and other regimen. Permanent fitness cannot be attained in this magical way and even if attained, that will be very short-lived.  As a person, everyone must take care of certain basics in his/her life so as to remain active and reasonably fit. Walking everyday is one of the daily fitness ritual one must follow. A daily 30-minutes walk can do wonders for attaining overall fitness. Walking continues to be a better option than running. A few tips and suggestions will go a long way to facilitate you in maintaining good balanced health with minimum effort: Start slowly A beginner must start slow during initial days. It should be around 10-15 minutes for a new beginner with slow and short paces. You may have such a short sessions of say 10 minutes each in the morning and similarly in the evening. Right Posture Always walk straight with your head up in parallel to the earth and eyes in front. Don’t bend and keep your back straight. Gradually increase time Every week, increase your walking time by 5 minutes till you touch 30 minutes mark. Slowly start taking longer paces and with that you will have comforted feelings of stretching too in your body. Improve your pace Gradually increase your pace of walking till you come to feel like having brisk walk. Once you start picking your pace, you will feel much better inside. Maintain rhythm to... read more

Groom Makeup Tips

As we know, one of the important features in an Indian wedding is Bridal Make up. We have often seen that bride and her family are most concerned about her looks. Usually, a bride starts her beauty regime about a couple of months before the wedding day. She takes care of their her diet and fitness regimen. Groom Makeup is often correlated with women, but now even men are also equally concerned on this aspect. Like every bride, now all grooms also desire to look smart, handsome and distinctive. A few years back we used to see men working on their looks while in college or in their teens. But now, this trend is now gaining popularity in their weddings too. Salons today are increasingly getting bookings for groom make up. Earlier, grooms used to focus only on their diet and physical fitness, but now they have started to hit unisex salons as well. Nowadays, not only the bride but also the groom is found sitting in the parlor prior to his marriage events. Here are a few suggestions for would-be-grooms before they opt to go for Groom Make up: General Diet: Grooms need to make sure that they have a nutritious diet 2-3 months before their big day. It may include consumption of fresh fruits, veggies, and other minerals. Try and avoid taking sugary and junk food. Water Intake: Make sure that you drink at least 3-4 litres of water every day. This will help in cleansing your body fluids and adding glow to the skin. General Fitness: Try and include 30 minutes of jogging/brisk walking and a few other exercises... read more

Bridal Makeup at its Best

Mehndi is one of the main fun filled ritual celebrated before every marriage. It is also observed at both the places viz. the bride and groom families as well. Mehndi is applied in vibrant shades and colours on the hands of bride and groom. Brides applies it on their feet too. Bridal Makeup designs come in a wide range of category, and of them a few are very hit like, Arabic, Pakistani, Rajasthan, and Punjabi giving vibrant designs and stunning looks. Mehndi enhances the whole persona of the bride on her big day. There is a belief involved with mehndi, saying that darker the colour of mehandi, the more bride’s husband would love her. Every effort is therefore made to ensure that mehndi finally gets darker colour by keeping it overnight before cleansing is done. Mehndi is also one of the most powerful herb comprising natural herbs and medicinal effects. This has positive effects on the couple to keep them healthy also. Mehndi results in cooling down the body temperature and brings in extra energy to the person concerned. Sometimes, oils like eucalyptus, clove and lemon drops are added to help darken the mehndi’s colour on the body. Mehndi ceremony is normally combined with ladies Sangeet ceremony. Women folk of the house play Dholak and music and dance to the tunes of traditional and hit bollywood songs. All this is carried while mehndi artists are busy applying mehndi on the palms and feet of women around. This is coupled with sumptuous snacks and food/beverages being served around to the invited guests enjoying the rituals. While engaging Mehndi Artists for the ceremony, one... read more

High Fibre Food for Healthy Living

There is a saying that “Health is Wealth”.  A healthy body the best treasure one can imagine in today’s time. In the present era, we are carrying a hectic life schedule coupled with polluted air to breathe.  Fast pace of life is taking a heavy toll on all of us leaving little time to take due care and precautions. In the process, we are stuck up with health complications and are unable to enjoy life king size. A few precautions in our daily regimen can minimise  those problems and we all can enjoy our precious life to its best. One must always  keep watching body weight as there is higher chance of a person getting ill in case he/she is obese or overweight. Our body weight is the net result of what nutrients we take every day from our food. Fats, carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and vitamins all determine our weight.  One of the ingredients from our daily intakes is Fibre which happens to be a very important input to determine our body weight. High Fibre Food intake can result in bringing lower blood sugar, cut cholesterol, and may even prevent colon cancer and help you avoid haemorrhoids. It’s better than any drug and one must include more fibrous food item in daily diet. Fibre also does not have any calories and therefore you can be assured of this aspect while indulging in this kind of food.  Foods like  white rice, white bread, Pizzas, Burger, fruit juice and pastries all look tasting to us but they all lack fibre. They result in more fat in the body which in the long... read more

Physical Fitness For All

It is totally obvious that Brides and Grooms prefer Physical Fitness to look distinctive not only on their Wedding Day But always otherwise too. For this, they not only invest their time, cost & energy on beauty and fairness treatments, but also on cosmetic surgeries. These things may add a glow to your face, but there is another thing which is complimentary to it. It is your overall fitness. Your fitness plays an important role in increasing the effects of your beauty & fairness treatments. People usually ignore their physical fitness thinking that a few days of fairness regimen would alone do it all for them. But this is not true, fitness plays equally important role in enhancing your looks.  Thus, it is necessary for you to focus on achieving total fitness before the wedding day. Here are two major points which you need to follow to take care of your fitness: Dietary Rituals You need to make a routine of consuming at least 8-10 glasses of water. Avoid junk food and make sure that you consume more & more fresh fruits and vegetables.  Have some milk products daily and make sure to include green tea into that as well. A handful of nuts such as almonds & walnuts would make sure sufficient inputs of omega 3 fatty acids in the body. If you have a sweet tooth, make sure that you have dark chocolates instead of normal sweets. Dark chocolates not only have low fat and sugar content but acts as an anti depressant and stress buster. If you occasionally take alcohol, have it in small units and prefer Red... read more