Mehndi is one of the main fun filled ritual celebrated before every marriage. It is also observed at both the places viz. the bride and groom families as well. Mehndi is applied in vibrant shades and colours on the hands of bride and groom. Brides applies it on their feet too. Bridal Makeup designs come in a wide range of category, and of them a few are very hit like, Arabic, Pakistani, Rajasthan, and Punjabi giving vibrant designs and stunning looks. Mehndi enhances the whole persona of the bride on her big day.

There is a belief involved with mehndi, saying that darker the colour of mehandi, the more bride’s husband would love her. Every effort is therefore made to ensure that mehndi finally gets darker colour by keeping it overnight before cleansing is done. Mehndi is also one of the most powerful herb comprising natural herbs and medicinal effects. This has positive effects on the couple to keep them healthy also. Mehndi results in cooling down the body temperature and brings in extra energy to the person concerned. Sometimes, oils like eucalyptus, clove and lemon drops are added to help darken the mehndi’s colour on the body.

Mehndi ceremony is normally combined with ladies Sangeet ceremony. Women folk of the house play Dholak and music and dance to the tunes of traditional and hit bollywood songs. All this is carried while mehndi artists are busy applying mehndi on the palms and feet of women around. This is coupled with sumptuous snacks and food/beverages being served around to the invited guests enjoying the rituals.

While engaging Mehndi Artists for the ceremony, one must keep in mind a few factors like Artists’s skills, his/her professionalism, pricing, quality of ingredients to be used etc. Today there are varieties of mehndi available in the market giving different shades of colour. One can also choose from umpteen of designs to make final effects customized too.

You can easily choose best Bridal Makeup Artists in your town to get best bridal mehndi while enjoying the ceremony which is filled with fun and joy acting as the perfect pioneer to the auspicious wedding day.