As we know, one of the important features in an Indian wedding is Bridal Make up. We have often seen that bride and her family are most concerned about her looks. Usually, a bride starts her beauty regime about a couple of months before the wedding day. She takes care of their her diet and fitness regimen. Groom Makeup is often correlated with women, but now even men are also equally concerned on this aspect.

Like every bride, now all grooms also desire to look smart, handsome and distinctive. A few years back we used to see men working on their looks while in college or in their teens. But now, this trend is now gaining popularity in their weddings too. Salons today are increasingly getting bookings for groom make up. Earlier, grooms used to focus only on their diet and physical fitness, but now they have started to hit unisex salons as well. Nowadays, not only the bride but also the groom is found sitting in the parlor prior to his marriage events.

Here are a few suggestions for would-be-grooms before they opt to go for Groom Make up:

General Diet:

Grooms need to make sure that they have a nutritious diet 2-3 months before their big day. It may include consumption of fresh fruits, veggies, and other minerals. Try and avoid taking sugary and junk food.

Water Intake:

Make sure that you drink at least 3-4 litres of water every day. This will help in cleansing your body fluids and adding glow to the skin.

General Fitness:

Try and include 30 minutes of jogging/brisk walking and a few other exercises in your daily routine. This will help in regular blood flow and reduce chances of any weight can also combine few minutes yoga in your daily regime.

Hair Care:

Make sure that you are not facing any hair fall or dandruff problems. Ask your salon guy for some advice on this.

Avoid Excessive Cosmetics:

Don’t look for high and excess use of cosmetics as they sometimes might have harmful effects on your skin. Grooms having dark or wheatish complexion, sometimes overdo with cosmetics and end up spoiling their look in the process.

You should consult your Salon guys on what fits best according to your looks.

Avoid Allergic material:

If you have any allergy from any cream/powder/cosmetic, do avoid them and tell the same to your salon guy for right advice.

Therefore, grooms can also prepare themselves like brides for their wedding day. It is thus important for grooms to look for the Best Unisex Salons in and around your town…..