There is a saying that “Health is Wealth”.  A healthy body the best treasure one can imagine in today’s time. In the present era, we are carrying a hectic life schedule coupled with polluted air to breathe.  Fast pace of life is taking a heavy toll on all of us leaving little time to take due care and precautions. In the process, we are stuck up with health complications and are unable to enjoy life king size. A few precautions in our daily regimen can minimise  those problems and we all can enjoy our precious life to its best.

One must always  keep watching body weight as there is higher chance of a person getting ill in case he/she is obese or overweight. Our body weight is the net result of what nutrients we take every day from our food. Fats, carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and vitamins all determine our weight.  One of the ingredients from our daily intakes is Fibre which happens to be a very important input to determine our body weight.

High Fibre Food intake can result in bringing lower blood sugar, cut cholesterol, and may even prevent colon cancer and help you avoid haemorrhoids. It’s better than any drug and one must include more fibrous food item in daily diet. Fibre also does not have any calories and therefore you can be assured of this aspect while indulging in this kind of food.  Foods like  white rice, white bread, Pizzas, Burger, fruit juice and pastries all look tasting to us but they all lack fibre. They result in more fat in the body which in the long run can create many health problems.

We must include following foods in our daily diet in order to ensure proper amount of fibre content:

Fibre Foods
Corn Brown rice Broccolis
White and Black Beans Pear Peas
Avocado Oatmeal Barley
Whole wheat Bread and Pasta Apples and Oranges Lentils
Almonds Raspberries Eat Fruits instead of having juice
Flax seeds Chia seeds Legumes
Spinach Carrots Brussels sprouts

Fibre content is gone if you opt for drinking fruit juice. Rather, you should eat whole fruit say apple /orange which delivers fibre content in full. Likewise, Jowar and Barley rotis are more filling than wheat rotis or white rice. Fibre helps in excreting the undue fat from our body. Fibre gives us a feeling of fullness as it can hold watery properties to feel our stomach more filling.

High Fibre Food intake regimen is going to gain desired Physical Fitness and one can aspire to live life king size for sure.