It is totally obvious that Brides and Grooms prefer Physical Fitness to look distinctive not only on their Wedding Day But always otherwise too. For this, they not only invest their time, cost & energy on beauty and fairness treatments, but also on cosmetic surgeries. These things may add a glow to your face, but there is another thing which is complimentary to it. It is your overall fitness. Your fitness plays an important role in increasing the effects of your beauty & fairness treatments.

People usually ignore their physical fitness thinking that a few days of fairness regimen would alone do it all for them. But this is not true, fitness plays equally important role in enhancing your looks.  Thus, it is necessary for you to focus on achieving total fitness before the wedding day. Here are two major points which you need to follow to take care of your fitness:

Dietary Rituals

You need to make a routine of consuming at least 8-10 glasses of water. Avoid junk food and make sure that you consume more & more fresh fruits and vegetables.  Have some milk products daily and make sure to include green tea into that as well. A handful of nuts such as almonds & walnuts would make sure sufficient inputs of omega 3 fatty acids in the body. If you have a sweet tooth, make sure that you have dark chocolates instead of normal sweets. Dark chocolates not only have low fat and sugar content but acts as an anti depressant and stress buster. If you occasionally take alcohol, have it in small units and prefer Red Wine over other drinks.

General Exercise

When we say exercise, many people just have one thing in mind i.e. joining the Gym. This may be beneficial but if you are not able to tale some time out, then there are a few things which will give you the same effects like going to Gym.  Some suggestions are 30 minutes of brisk walk/ jogging daily, normal body push ups, Yoga & Pranayam, and stretching exercises etc. You may now be getting married, but can still take/hire a cycle for daily use. 15-20 minutes of cycling everyday will also play key role in improving your health & fitness. Joining some fitness classes such as Aerobics, Zumba, Dancing &  Swimming will further add on to your overall fitness. Also try and indulge yourself in any outdoor sport of your choice.

Considering the above suggestions, one can have Physical Fitness all the times and enjoy life Kingsize…..

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