Every person, would-be-bride or groom wishes to be a fit person especially well before marriage. Sometimes, they wish to attain fitness miraculously in a few days only and they start doing rounds of Gyms and other regimen. Permanent fitness cannot be attained in this magical way and even if attained, that will be very short-lived.  As a person, everyone must take care of certain basics in his/her life so as to remain active and reasonably fit. Walking everyday is one of the daily fitness ritual one must follow.

A daily 30-minutes walk can do wonders for attaining overall fitness. Walking continues to be a better option than running. A few tips and suggestions will go a long way to facilitate you in maintaining good balanced health with minimum effort:

Start slowly

A beginner must start slow during initial days. It should be around 10-15 minutes for a new beginner with slow and short paces. You may have such a short sessions of say 10 minutes each in the morning and similarly in the evening.

Right Posture

Always walk straight with your head up in parallel to the earth and eyes in front. Don’t bend and keep your back straight.

Gradually increase time

Every week, increase your walking time by 5 minutes till you touch 30 minutes mark. Slowly start taking longer paces and with that you will have comforted feelings of stretching too in your body.

Improve your pace

Gradually increase your pace of walking till you come to feel like having brisk walk. Once you start picking your pace, you will feel much better inside. Maintain rhythm to get the best results.

Drink Water

Always drink plenty of water before, during and after the walk.  While finishing your walk, stretch a bit and your entire body will feel cool and prevent minor injuries.

Make this a Habit

Most of the people fail in between as they discontinue their daily walk of at least 30 minutes. You need to make it part and parcel of your daily routine and there should be no miss on this. In order to keep rhythm, you can listen to your favorite numbers & music while you walk and that will give your additional fun and joy.

Walking happens to be the simplest way to remain fit and active. It can really do wonders. Always concentrate on your steps, breath normally and quieten your mind. All this will have miraculous & positive effects on your body and mind…..