Bridal jewelry has a significant role to play in Indian weddings. The bride seeks unique jewelry which grabs everyone’s attention with the visual appeal of its intricate designs; something that compliments the bridal dress, her complexion, her hair and even the groom’s look. This is one wedding trend that gives the bride a whole lot of scope to explore and experiment. We have come across few gorgeous brides’ who preferred sticking to their family jewelry and made it work so well. Getting your jewelry designed according to your bridal ensemble is another ball game altogether. Accessories using kundan  & an amalgamation of gold and uncut diamonds add that quirky factor to the bridal look. The best part of being an Indian bride is that you have jewelry options from head to toe, be it the nath, necklace, bangles, kamarbandh, payal and toe rings. A little more insight to Indian jewelry might give you a chance to discover that unique accessory that will make you stand out of the crowd. There are various terms for these beautiful pieces of art in Wedding Jewelry; KADA , SARPECH, VANKI, LINGA PADAKKA MUTHU MALAI, KARANPHOOL JHUMKA, JADANAGAM, SHINKA, CHANDRAHAAR, HATHPHOOL, PAIZEB/PAYAL etc.

Your wedding photographer is always looking forward to give you memorable getting ready shots and the choice of jewelry can make or break that shoot for you. Jewelry shots add that elegance to your wedding album and say it all about the bride.

Photo Credit: Slice Of Life Pictures

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